Writing women via Lucy V Hay

Strong female characters.

Currently the Holy Grail of screenwriting and a buzz-phrase that generates much discussion.

What exactly IS a great female character in film and tv?

Script consultant Lucy V Hay contacted 33 industry professionals, including myself,  asking for our thoughts on female characterisation on-screen.

If you have an interest in writing, tv or film or are just curious as to how writers, script consultants, filmmakers and producers are responding to women's roles in film and tv these days, the articles are definitely worth a read. We were asked who our favourite female roles have been in recent years and what we'd like to see from female roles in the immediate future. The answers are sometimes similar, sometimes different. All valid and all exciting!

This is an area of writing that I look forward to seeing develop and deepen as we respond to a massive audience out there waiting for nuanced, diverse female roles that will make us laugh, cry, re-think, relate to, turn away in horror from and fall in love with.

And here's what I'm trying to do to offer female characters with stories I wanted to share. I'll be blogging about the journey as we head into our second shoot, so please come back to keep us company!


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