How to be a better filmmaker: lessons from my dogs
















Today I took my two dogs Ben and Maggie for a walk.

And I learned a few things about filmmaking in the process...


Yes, really.


Here's what I learned:


They have no concept of "failure"

Ben and Maggie love having a ball thrown for them to catch. But they're not actually all that when it comes to catching. Particularly Maggie, probably down to the fact she's extremely short-sighted. But however many times they drop that ball, they come back for more. They don't see failure. They see the opportunity to try again.


They have amazing enthusiasm

That tail, though! Everything they do, they do with 200% effort. Even when it's dropping the ball. They put everything into it. And they are visibly enjoying what they are doing - their happiness is infectious. They egg each other on and any other dog that comes near them. "Hey, guys! Check us out dropping this ball time and time again - it's awesome!"


They understand gratitude

They don't take the walk for granted. They express gratitude to the people that provide this awesome experience for them every day. They look at you, they smile, they say thankyou.


They bounce back - again and again

When they enthusiastically drop the ball each time it's thrown they don't sit down on the grass and get all hung up on it. They don't complain that they should have had better quality, or more time, or a bigger budget. They don't blame it on politics, hidden agendas or everything being the wrong gender. They leap around until they get another chance to try again. And again. And again.


There are probably many more lessons to be gleaned from Ben and Maggie's (lack of) sporting prowess, but these will suffice. It's certainly enough for me to be taking away and working on as I move towards my next shoot. If I can summon up half the enthusiasm and boundless sense of awesome possibility that Ben and Maggie live with every day, then I'll be a very happy filmmaker indeed!

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