Keep trucking!

My film is moving towards its (second) shoot date having shot it once and realising it hadn't worked the way I needed it to. It's been massively delayed for various reasons, during which time I've found new cast, new crew, new locations, re-written the script from scratch (several times) and raised additional funds.


At certain points the whole process honestly felt like one big failure, at others it felt like a striving for excellence. And everything else inbetween. People told me I was nuts, I was unrealistic,  I was too fussy, I couldn't lead a team and this is what happens when you don't know what you're doing. Stick to acting.


Because stuff going wrong is a sign that you're not any good at what you're doing. Right?


Wrong. It's just part of the process of getting to where you need to be. It's part of leading, it's part of delivering the commitment you made to make the best you could. It's called filmmaking. Sometimes it is your fault and you sort the problem. Sometimes it's someone else's fault and you sort that problem, too. Sometimes it's fate, life sticking two fingers up at you or just plain bad luck. And many times, with the longer view, it's all for the best. Even though you have to admit that through gritted teeth and a non-existent shoot budget.


Which brings me to Richard Curtis. And what he said.


The link below is an article to an interview with Richard Curtis which I found extremely encouraging.


Hope you do too...