The Three Days journey: Three

Photo Credit: James Pardon

It happened!


Twenty plus crew, six cast, £280K of hired kit and seven locations later and Three Days has been shot. Now with a sneaky new working title, too.


My extraordinary cast and crew pulled it out of the bag and then some - squeezing a sensible five-day shoot into an extremely challenging two-day shoot with grace, passion, immense commitment and humour. To have them bring their talent to the project was already incredible but to see them adding so much to the project through their creativity and desire for excellence in some extremely challenging situations was deeply moving.


As we move into the edit and my producer head starts looking for issues that aren't even there yet I wanted to share some moments from the shoot. Thanks to the fantastic James Pardon

for taking our stunning official unit stills and BTS shots for us. Do check out his website.


And thanks also to Soner Metin, Cameron Sam and Peter Bailey for grabbing BTS footage, photos and interviews. More of which I'll be sharing over the course of the post-production journey.


Right - probably time to boil the kettle again!