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They asked me back - lovely surprise - and I've recently shot my second episode as Midwife Sarah (she of the sensible cardigan, above). This time I was on a different set with an additional cast member, a doctor's bag, five cameras and a whole new bunch of nerves. The team were lovely and regular cast members Lacey and James, who I was working with, were delightful. The scene even has a bit of comedy in it, which I enjoyed.


A  significant step up from my three lines in Southcliffe!


My hope is that I haven't completely botched the job and it will lead onto something else within drama very soon.

The London Screenwriters' Festival

The brainchild of Chris Jones and Judy Goldberg, the festival is the biggest professional screenwriters' festival in the world.


So that's a lot of work to be getting on with.


I first went to the festival as a delegate (after a kind friend gave me a ticket). The following year I was asked to join the team as an actor for the Actor Table Reads and after a few twists and turns of fate I'm now on the team as Senior Festival Co-ordinator. I work from the Ealing Studios office with Chris and Judy which is surreal. I've seen Bradley Cooper. Looked into his eyes. That is all.

We've just finished winding down the final wave of business from last year's festival and are already well into the preparations for this year's festival in October. With a few more things like The Guerilla Filmmakers' Masterclass to throw into the mix before we hit the festival. Honestly, this is one of my most challenging roles as (ask anyone who knows me) IT, organisation and things like spreadsheets do not agree with my system on a very fundamental level. But this year's festival is shaping up be pretty spectacular so I will again embrace the challenges (flinching ever-so-slightly as I do) and wait to observe the creative alchemy that aways occurs as a result of this extraordinary festival.

Help I'm Trapped In a Movie

This is a really fun short film written, directed by and starring my entrepreneurial actor friend Riley Madincea.The film charts the journey of Tom as he wakes one morning to find he's.... trapped in a movie. In order to escape he needs to work out which genre of movie he's in and negotiate the cliches and tropes in order to release himself (or get the girl....?). With the help of his (new) best friend Russell, Tom heads into various scenes and suffers the consequences.


I only have a teensy fleeting appearance, but it was blast being on set with Riley and his lovely team. My awesome 1st AD for THREE DAYS, Ashley Gardiner, was 1st AD-ing for this, so I loved being on set with him again.


Gorgeous, talented cast, witty script, sexy locations. What's not to love?


I spent the day shooting at Cranleigh School in their evocative Library with Chris Huntly-Turner, Riley and a group of incredibly patient background artists. And lots of time spent chatting to the gorgeous Emily Tucker.


Currently in post-production. Watch this space. You can follow the film on Twitter and Facebook

Be Heard

A very special project which I was keen to support as soon as I discovered it crowdfunding on Indiegogo. I contacted Judy Goldberg, the producer (little did I know I'd end up working with her at Ealing!) and asked if there was any way I could support on-set. Making tea, or running. But in the end I was lucky that there was a small role that still needed casting, so I ended up acting in it. Which was fantastic.


Find out more about the project and how it's helping to support survivors of abuse here

Ups and Downs

This short was produced to highlight the issues of growing up with Down Syndrome and how that might play out between two teenage boys in a family unit.

I was cast as the jaded Mum (not the first time and unlikely to be the last), trying to negotiate her way through a rocky relationship between her two sons.

It was a demanding shoot on many levels. There were very specific ideas about the delivery of most of the lines from a couple of people on set, so my biggest challenge was finding a way to deliver them to other's specifications whilst still sounding natural. My acting generally works from the inside out (ie the lines I say should act as an extension of emotions or thought processes) so to work this way is, for me,  pretty much the opposite of how I usually approach acting. So I had to find a way to make it work from the other way around, hopefully I did. To an extent. Working with the other actors was wonderful, they were all extremely friendly and supportive. It was a privilege to work with Bobby Lockwood and Edward Ashley who were great fun to be with with both on and off set. Yes, a learning curve, but learning curves are always good!


Thanks to Gareth Gatrell and Rosa Fay Photography for many of these images